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Rodrigo Chiong

Full-stack Developer

Hi there! I'm an Industrial Engineer turned Web & Mobile Developer that's eager to help you grow your business or turn your idea into a full-featured app. I also enjoy devouring pizza and having a coffee, so we can discuss how working together will be great for you doing either of those!

How I can help your business

With a Ms. of Sc. in Engineering and working experience on a B2B client-facing role for a couple of years, I'm particularly good at understanding clients' and users' needs, separating the important bits from the nice stuff.

Web & Mobile

Whether you need a new website or a full-featured web app, I can help you realize your vision -and exceed it. Need a mobile app? We can also go native if you need it.


Attention to detail

As a formed engineer I put lots of attention to the small details that turn good apps into great ones, from code documentation to interactions and flow design.


Modern Technologies

I've worked for the past 4 years with technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Google Apps Script, Java (Android) and PHP. And I'm always eager to learn something new!

My previous work

Below is a sample of the kind of projects I have worked on.

Let's build your next project

Let's get in touch to talk about how I can be a good fit for your proyect. Please be as specific as possible regarding your needs and project details. Later, we can arrange a meeting to further define the scope of your project.